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4-5A Locker Room started as an idea that has developed into a project to provide complete coverage for the wide-range of sports that exist in Louisiana's 4-5A District. The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area continues to grow and so, too, do these schools that support the suburbs of the Red Stick. Excellence in athletics has come with that growth, and the staff at 4-5A Locker Room looks to provide the plethora of squads with the coverage they deserve.


1) Honesty & Integrity

2) Creativity

3) Facts

4) Community

5) Teamwork


4-5A Locker Room strives to be the source for all sports news in the district; no matter how big - or small - the story. Like any community, the staff at 4-5A Locker Room utilizes teamwork to make sure that the facts are presented with honesty and integrity across all of our media platforms.


Welcome to, your local online sports page for the kids and high school athletic programs you care about most.

We are launching this new venture because in a changing age of sports journalism, extensive and top-notch high school sports coverage seems to be fading away. And that timing doesn’t fit in our opinion, because right now District 4-5A deserves more coverage than ever before.

Your kids and programs have been covered by other media organizations once in a while and that’s great. In fact, we would like to work toward partnering with them on some fronts.

However, we want to be your primary source of coverage because we won’t be there only once in a while. We will be at as many games as we can be on a regular basis, meaning your kids and your school’s programs will draw much more of the spotlight than they ever have before.

What is it: A web site devoted entirely to coverage of sports in one of the state’s most successful athletic districts in Louisiana.

Who will be covered: Denham Springs, Live Oak, Walker, Central, Zachary, Scotlandville and Belaire. That translates into an area that covers 137,000 potential viewers/readers/customers in Livingston Parish, 42,000 in Zachary and Central combined and pockets of the Baton Rouge area – plus alumni and fans of those schools spread all over the U.S.

What will the content be: Extensive coverage of the schools and athletes in a district that has established a strong championship pedigree across the board. And not just the “headline” sports, but all programs. Game previews, game/event recaps, feature stories, signings, ‘where are they now’ updates, statistics, standings, schedules, etc.

Who runs it: Award-winning sports writer Randy Rosetta and Livingston Parish News Publisher McHugh David, with a strong cast of contributing writers and photographers.



4-5A Locker Room

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Telephone: (225) 665-5176

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