Mentorship Academy at Walker VB Anna Ferrand

Walker High's Anna Ferrand (7) pushes the ball back over the net.

WALKER -- Walker picked its second win of the season, sweeping Mentorship Academy, 25-6, 25-21, and 25-9, and Anna Ferrand had plenty to do with Tuesday's victory.

“I think we played amazing,” said Ferrand, who had two kills, three blocks, two digs and an ace. “We played really aggressive, and I think that was really nice for the team to see. We were able to see that when we do play aggressive and when we do fight for what we really want on the court, we really can get in there and win that game. I had my ups and my downs. I decided to stay positive through my low parts and hustle for what I wanted -- to win.”

The teamwork wasn't lost on Walker coach Kaylee Guidry.

“I thought they played better together,” Guidry said. “We were more talkative and communicative on the court. Those are things we talked about in practice a lot. That gives them more confidence to believe in the process ... I really enjoyed what we saw.”

Peyton Gautreaux and Kameron Bond also came up big with three aces apiece.

Mentorship Academy at Walker VB Reese Patten Lydia Magee

Walker High’s Reese Patten (6) looks to advance the ball back over the net as Lydia Magee (18) looks on.

“I thought Anna did really well,” Guidry said. “She was aggressive, and she was all over the court. She had her teammates backs and was really good tonight.”

Walker (2-12) roared out to an early 8-0 lead in the first set to spark the 25-6 win in the first set. Ferrand had two kills in addition to a dig a block for the Lady Cats while Gautreaux had a pair of aces near the near the end of the set.

The Lady Cats fell into a hole early in the second set, trailing 4-1, but rallied for a 6-5 lead. From that point on, it was a back-and-forth affair.

Walker took a 14-12 lead after Ferrand's back-to-back blocks. That was the push the Lady Cats needed to maintain their lead for the rest of the match, eventually pulling away late.

Mentorship battled back, but the Lady Cats won the second set 25-21.

Guidry and the Lady Cats found merit in the narrow set victory.

“A close match is always a good thing to have,” Guidry said. “If you’re going to have any type of game, I’d rather have a close one. You really get to see their competitive sides. That’s something I really enjoy to see.”

“It was a really nice eye-opener,” Ferrand added “It brought the team closer and made us say ‘alright look, we can’t do this anymore. We have to fight, and we have to push right here.'”

Walker again surged ahead in the third set, jumping out to an early 9-1 lead. The Lady Cats were able to ride that out to a 16-4 lead after Ferrand’s first ace of the night before completing the sweep 25-9.

“It’s really nice to know that we are still in this,” Ferrand said. “And we are a team together. When we want to win, we really can push together and fight until the end to get what we want … I’m really excited for the win, it’s going to be great for the team. Now we can realize what we can do, and that’s play hard and hustle to win a game. That’s great for our confidence.”